Simple way to communicate complex ideas in an engaging manner. Leverage the power
of sketch animations for your training and educational needs …

Whiteboard animation is a process where a creative story and storyboard with pictures is drawn on a whiteboard (or something that resembles a whiteboard) by artists who record themselves in the process of their artwork. It is used in TV and internet advertising to communicate messages in a “unique” way.

A whiteboard animation is the perfect place for your company to start integrating video into your marketing strategy. It is memorable, striking, and can be produced quickly with very little costs. Whiteboard animations are the perfect addition to any company’s website, social media, or email newsletters. This digital flexibility makes marketing possibilities practically endless! All you need is a concept. Don’t have a script? That’s okay! Our talented and professional scriptwriters have the ability to understand your vision and portray a powerful message that will tell your viewers just how your company fits into their life. In addition to an influential and precise call to action, whiteboard animation videos are more economical to produce than any other type of video.

For Businesses

Thousands of businesses use whiteboard style to create content using the increasingly popular video to communicate core functions and services to customers, businesses and / or investors.

For Marketers

The demand for video continues to rise among publishers and advertisers. As a marketer you need a tool that’ll help you meet that demand.

For Training & Education

Whiteboard is one of the most powerful yet simple ways to communicate some of the complex ideas in an engaging manner. Leverage the power of sketch animations for your training and educational needs.

Whiteboard Package

The diverse skills in BerryMedia team ensure that we can literally do any
and every kind of animation, video and graphic works

Whiteboard Animation

An eye catching explainer video
  • Creative Design & Drawing
  • Black & White / Colour
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 4 Days Est. Turnaround
  • Unlimited Revision
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