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Interactive Visual Assessment

IVA is the new frontier in food safety assessment. It allows the participant to enjoy the visual cues and  interactivity as a challenge, using work environment simulation. The purpose is twofold, entertaining and educational. Performance assessment is the key element, the program is designed to support knowledge acquisition and/or skill development.

IVA is designed to test the decision making ability of participant.  When used together with virtual reality glasses it simulates a real work environment. Participants are faced with an everyday situation in which they have to take the right actions based on food safety parameters and legal standards.

There is a staged progression through simulated work areas, in each area participants have to choose the right action to take. At the end of the assessment, the total number of correct actions are calculated and where the participant secures a pre-determined pass mark, a certificate can be printed off. Furthermore, the assessment is time-bound and requires the participant to be focused on ensuring the correct actions are taken, as they progress through the simulated stages.

IVA is the leading edge in use of technology to assess food safety knowledge and skills, in a simulated real life work environment. It tests understanding of concepts through actions and overcomes language barriers.

Simulated IVA can be used across different disciplines, for example Interactive Health and Safety (IVH) to assess understanding knowledge and the ability of the participant to take the correct actions in a given situation. Further developments in Interactive Technology will be becoming available to cover different learning outcomes such as, Interactive Visual Exercises (IVE) and Interactive Visual Inspection (IVI).

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