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The third stage of video or film development is referred to as post-production, with the first stage being pre-production, where the video is planned, and the second stage being production, where the video is filmed. Post-production generally includes everything that occurs after shooting has been completed. Post-production would include editing, special effects, and/or animation.

There are a lot more details and knowledge that go into good post-production service than most people realize. Below is a detailed list of services that could be included in post-production service:


Editing is often the first thing that pops into people’s heads when they hear ‘post-production’. It is the act of selecting clips from your shoot and putting them in a specific order to tell the desired story. Editing includes both picture and sound manipulation. It would also include any lower thirds (such as a speaker’s title or the title of an episode), credits, foley sound, sound effects, and soundtrack.


Colour-correction is an element of editing that is often not thought of, but it can make a huge difference to your video. When shooting a video, chances are you will be filming with multiple cameras and in multiple locations. It is production’s job to make sure lighting and camera settings are as consistent as possible when filming, but there will always be a variation in lighting and colour depth in post. Colour-correction helps to maintain continuity in your story and sets the tone in your video.

Visual Effects

Visual effects is another category that can include several different things. Visual effects are visuals done in post-production such as green-screen compositing or muzzle flashes. The term can refer to any image that could not be filmed during production for whatever reason.


Animation is another post-production service we offer. animation is the process of making the illusion of motion by using rapid succession of sequential images that differ from each otheronly minimally.

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